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The accessible funds must be ample enough to coat any trailing stripe you may have and sufficient to gradually pick up flipside into profit. If your methods are so perplexing that you are unsure you are receiving it precise then, noticeably it is useless to you.

Your gambling bank or staking arrangement must be worked out in combination with your gambling methods. It is when effects start to go erroneous and you have go on boarded upon a trailing stripe that the regulation of sticking to your scheme and staying inside your betting plans suits the most hard thing to do. To know about different sports betting techniques visit this link.

Betting Through Bank

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The most significant piece of games m88 เข้าไม่ได้ betting suggestion I can provide you is – find a scheme that is a confirmed victor. It should be one that has revealed to return constantly over a long phase of instance.

Becoming triumphant at gambling on games is attainable but having an approach and fastening to it is vital for that to occur. A betting plan must typically be from 1% to 2% for a method that entails you to enlarge your gambles after a slaughter and from 5% to 10% for a method that remains level bets at all instance.

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Discipline. Here are presently a few oddments of sports gambling guidance that will assist you return from this potentially productive marketplace.

Choose a system which is already proved

If are not somebody who can waited restricted and alerted on whatsoever betting approaches you are with then you ought to not even think taking it up as a severe alternative. It must not be also complex. Afforded your method is a winner and your gambling pool and gambling plan is appropriately worked out inside that scheme, then ultimately your losing stripe will twist around and your method will become lucrative once more. This is a vital piece of games betting guidance.


Sports betting champ provide unique content related to betting which will guide you on your journey toward a perfect bettor

All Horse Racing Offers Free Bet on the 2007 Kentucky Derby

All Horse Racing is a recognised leader in the online horse racing industry with a focus on the thoroughbred and harness horse racing market. Steve Assusman thinks his horse has what it takes. “I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t the favourite…he’s 12bet เข้าไม่ได้ beating them easy,” he said.

Circular Quay has had a long 8 week layoff — and some handicappers feel this to be a detriment. More troubling, however, was the fact that the finish time was a slow 1:51.33. Was the relative slow pace at Keeneland due to the new Polytrack or were the jocks simply holding back their mounts as part of an overall race strategy?

Is it easy street for Street Sense? Will Circular Quay run circles around the competition? Or, is Curlin ready to wipe the field clean?

In the words of the American author John Steinbeck, “This Kentucky Derby, whatever it is — a race, an emotion, a turbulence, an explosion — is one of the most beautiful and violent and satisfying things I have ever experienced.”

“The Derby is captivating — there is nothing else like it. However, Todd Pletcher thinks his entries (Circular Quay, Scat Daddy and Any Given Sunday) will do just fine, “It’s a very wide-open Derby at this point,” he pointed out.

As soon as the Kentucky Derby is over, All Horse Racing will offer risk free wagers for the Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

What will be the winning time of the 2007 Kentucky Derby?

More information on All Horse Racing is available at

While the status of several North American ADWs and their ability to offer their customers the Derby Experience this year is up in the air — notably the TVG Network (NASDAQ:GMST) and judging from recent developments, possibly (NASDAQ:UBET) — All Horse Racing looks forward to providing service to the many new members who wish to take part in “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.”. Real time audio and video feeds are available for hundreds of races each day.

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–All Horse Racing (, an international gaming company, today announced the start of the annual Triple Crown Challenge with a free bet on the first jewel of the Triple Crown.

Other companies involved with online horse racing include Magna Entertainment Corp. The year before, Giacamo won in 2:02.75. Will this year’s winner be faster or slower than 2:02?

With his crushing win by 10 ½ lengths at the Arkansas Derby along with his 3 for 3 record, Curlin is proving to be the odds makers’ favourite. There are richer purses and more demanding tracks, but this is ‘the race.’ We invite everybody to come join us and take part in the Derby experience — have a free punt and enjoy the races,” explained Leonard Manley, Director of Marketing at All Horse Racing.

With operations worldwide, All Horse Racing, also receives and utilises the services of Equus Limited, a privately traded and licensed company on the Isle of Man.

Last year, Barbaro crushed the field with a winning time of 2:01.36. Members have the ability to place wagers online on over 100 racetracks including Churchill Downs, Del Mar, Philadelphia Park, Pimlico Race Course and Belmont Park. (NASDAQ:MECA), (NASDAQ:UBET), TVG Network (NASDAQ:GMST), Penn National (NASDAQ:PENN) and Churchill Downs (NASDAQ:CHDN).

To celebrate the Running of the Roses and the Triple Crown, All Horse Racing is offering risk free bets on the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

Suffering an unexpected and disappointing loss to Dominican at the Blue Grass Stakes in Keeneland, Street Sense has lost some public support

2010 World Cup Bracket Predictions Group A

The 2010 World Cup Bracket Predictions Experts at m88 เข้าไม่ได้ online bookmaker have Mexico listed at +250 odds to win Group A. “A squad that has endured the worst possible build-up to the tournament in South Africa, characterised by a succession of poor decisions, entirely avoidable misfortunes, damaging scandal and bad press. “If France is flat and earn a draw they could be in jeopardy of not winning the group. All eyes will be on France in Group A. Most experts believe that France and Mexico will advance into the second round of the 2010 World Cup.

. The 2010 World Cup Bracket Predictions experts at online sportsbook have France listed as a +115 odds favorite to win Group A.

France: +115

Mexico: +250

Uruguay: +325

South Africa: +500

“France will get an early test against Uruguay on the opening day of the tournament,” stated 2010 World Bracket Predictions Expert Martin Bishop of But with an underperforming and disliked team, poorly marshaled and dogged by scandal that certainly looks like a long shot.”

Online sportsbook has posted 2010 World Cup bracket predictions soccer betting odds to win Group A:

2010 World Cup Group A Match Schedule:

South Africa vs Mexico – 06/11/10 at 10:00 AM EST

Uruguay vs France – 06/11/10 at 2:30 PM EST

South Africa vs Uruguay – 06/16/10 at 2:30 PM EST

France vs Mexico – 06/17/10 at 2:30 PM EST

France vs South Africa – 06/22/10 at 10:00 AM EST

Mexico vs Uruguay – 06/22/10 at 10:00 AM EST has polled several 2010 World Cup Bracket Predictions Experts to figure out what are the best bets for Group A. The key match in group A to determine the winner will take place on June 17th when France takes on Mexico. What remains to be seen is whether Domenech can summon one final hurrah to prove his critics wrong and exit with his head held high. We expect both squads to win their other matches in this stage but if Mexico can earn a draw against France, they could end up winning group A as long as they beat Uruguay later.”

Online bookmaker has Uruguay listed at +325 odds and host country South Africa listed at +500 odds to win Group A. Bet your 2010 World Cup Bracket Predictions at and receive up to 155% in Cash Bonuses.

“France are a team riddled with problems,” stated 2010 World Cup Bracket Predictions Experts Pierre-Louis Laguiller. The tournament opens up with host country South Africa taking on Mexico and then follows up with Uruguay taking on France in the second match of opening day. Lots of it..

Basketball Tips 2 – Master your Pick and Roll

(1) First of all, don’t rush it; you need time to read the situation.

(2) Always try to start the play where you believe can take the shot. All Rights Reserved


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(1) Can you create a shooting situation every time you play Screen and Roll?

(2) Are you afraid of the trap or hedge? Are you just looking to get the ball away from you as fast as you can?

(3) Can you find the open man?

Lets take John Stockton for example, NBA’s all-time leader in steals (3,265) and assists (15,806). No one will expect that.

Mastering Screen and Roll gives an important advantage to the offense team as it is considered one of basketballs’ toughest situations to defend.

© 2007 Yaron Lavi. True he had Karl Malone next to him, but his remarkable ability to use the Screen and Roll to a level of perfection made this duo one of the deadliest ever.

Find more smart basketball tips and learn how to dramatically improve your performance on court and make it to the next level by using the world’s first ever basketball “brain training” software.

Want to Master Screen and Roll?

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Before we continue with basketball tips for Screen and Roll, ask yourself:

Go down to the m88 เข้าไม่ได้ basketball court with a friend and practice on each of these points. When you practice the Screen and Roll it is recommended that each time you use a different option: drive, drive-and-dish, drive-and-kick to the corner, etc.. He is w-i-d-e open.

(6) At least 25% of the time you need to fake and go to the same side you came from. at some point, someone is going to be open or with a mismatch you want to take advantage of.

(4) In a trap situation, it is most likely that one of your teammates will have a better passing angle to the big guy.

(5) Remember – If you started to drive and can’t finish, the corner man is waiting for the shot. If the defender is going under the screen, take the advantage and make him pay.

(3) The opponent teams’ defense will try many solutions: switch, hedge, trap..

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If casino card games are the cup of tea, then the massive choice of classic as well as games within this section is sure to suit your needs. However, enjoyable things also can bring about disadvantages. it to be that much easier by using online casinos and then you can start to play every on line casino game you desire inside the convenience your house.

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Best Casino Games Principles By Alex Slepoy

Sportsbook Parlay Calculator – A great tool for your action. to enjoy all this action before the NLF gets back bringing to all fans and sportsbook fans what we are waiting for, the best sports action in the world.

Betting is really a fun and lucrative type of leisure for any large number of people. you need to be. By Andrew Smith

Basic Information Regarding Blackjack By Alex Slepoy

Basic Information about Blackjack By Alex Slepoy

Rules and game playing of Sic Bo By Alex Slepoy

The only way to be competitive and to stay competitive in the bookies and sports agents market is a good price per head company, they can provide so many …. Only individuals aged 18 and up can register and wager around the various games you can find at

The calculus behind the bookmakers’ odds By Dania Cuibus

Sportsbook Teaser Calculator: Getting ready for Football Season. By Andrew Smith

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Wagering can be a enjoyable and fun regular activity for some. Hope this will help you with your sportsbook bets and if you have any doubts all you need to do is visit the source. The luck may not be on your side constantly however, there is real fun in playing casino …. Another important piece of information that comes in handy is to check several bookmakers for the odds offered, thus ensuring you win more money.

If you are an sportsbook enthusiast yo know that parlay calculators are the best tools you have to try to beat one of the most common sportsbook bets, …. | Next

Black jack Tutorial Ever in your life played Black jack? That is considered a counting game where every cards are given their appropriate numeric value …. If you don’t make decent money after a period of time, then perhaps you are not cut out for the highly discipline venture of gambling.. performed to ensure security while wearing hours of excitement and fun. These vagrants were …. must study the pitfalls careful so that you can avoid them. can afford. Enjoy the action!

What makes sports the greatest events in the world and brings so many fans into their lines waiting every single piece of action, adrenaline, excitement …. competitive services and to make the profits you always wanted while lowering the risk of your business, so think about no longer, and jump into success.

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Policies on Enjoying Slots Games On line By Alex Slepoy

Casino Wins the Majority Contrary to academic theory, beating the casino at its own game is not impossible. And if you want to check the tool and know more about you can always check directly with the Jazzsports Sportsbook. Playing any casino game, don’t you can forget accountable gambling.

If you are one of those who really enjoys some additional action on your favorite sports and is missing as much as I do the game that brings most of that …. will light therefore the dealer will proceed on paying of the victors to the round. Furthermore, it really is exciting to win and opportunity on big pot cash any time you spin the reels.

Be Competitive with Price Per Head. For even net casinos …. Once you caught there is no second chance.

Slots Game Online Types Let’s just express that you can’t call an e-casino complete without one little bit of video slot. There are many casino games to take into account when you have the time and budget, check out additional options like slots, roulette or anything else.

The standard bet on Sic Bo equals “Dice Pair”, is often a Chinese game utilizing 3 dice bits. irrelevant. For newbies …. By Andrew Smith

Finding the best fun88 เข้าไม่ได้ Casino Card Video games Online By Alex Slepoy

Identifying Gambling Pitfalls to Avoid the Ultimate Addiction By Savy Seph

For those that regularly place sports bets have come to consider the odds the most important thing. The table the location where the game is place is …. By Andrew Smith

Responsible Wagering Suggestions By Alex Slepoy

Articles 1 – 15 :: Prev | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .. Choose your casino card games now and obtain started with your incredible journey.

Twenty-one Guide Ever in your life played Black jack? This is certainly considered a counting game where by each cards are offered their appropriate numeric …. Without …. a game of twenty-one is usually a fun and challenging game which gives the pleasure to challenge your house and obtain the opportunity on earning huge.

The most popular sports events around the world. It is a reasonable assumption that nobody aspire to be a bum. will fit the player whatever the times of year are. Hands on training for the traps are not required. your favorite sport. Enjoy the action!

Casino Loses to Skillful Gamblers By Savy Seph

Information to On-line Game playing By Alex Slepoy

The love to gambling seems to run within the blood of human beings because the first efforts to enjoy gambling games were created as soon as 4000 years …. minors gambling online or via telephone. The casino is not invincible or professional …. But how many of you have actually wondered who exactly …. game of twenty-one is usually a fun and challenging game which gives the pleasure to challenge your house and obtain the opportunity on receiving big.

Riches to Rags Overnight Most paupers were once a successful person

Can a Jehovah’s Witness eat a meal outside the house with a disfellowshipped spouse?

Wow, harsh and cruel. Guess they don’t believe in judge not lest ye be judged?


by gone on January 27th, 2008

They are the judge and jury, that is why I no longer want ANY part of their BS. Perhaps you could just answer the question and enlighten us all with your charm and wit? Please tell us how crushing peoples families through the JW practice of shunning is part of the love of Jesus Christ?

Where there is no love there is no salvation, because God IS love. 5:11) Hence, we also avoid social fellowship with an expelled person

Of COURSE Christ would adhere to a practice that is clearly stated in His Father’s Word.

Your problem is with God.

Look at the way that you treat His people.



good comment meagan as well as accurate!

. He would NOT accept such a vile hateful practice as this as part of His true Christian church, so you better re-think your position before you meet Him or you may be in for a very, very un-happy surprise.

You seem to be comfortable with this practice of setting up sock puppet accounts like this “user” did.

It is something the way that you blow right past that point.

That practice is abuse of this website.

Cyber bullies such as yourself use this as a technique to shore up your weak arguments.

That practice is also a form of lying, which you are ALWAYS quite comfortable with.

The problem that you have is not with Jehovah’s Witnesses – who have expelled you, the problem that you have is with God and His Word.

It is God’s Word that states that we should ‘not even eat with such a man.’ (1 Cor. Wish I could help you out though. I’ve waste enough time already.

Good for you AB Guy.

Perhaps you could ilucidate the issue of shunning and why this practice is so important in you church and how it helps spread love amongst fellow man?


Was this ONE of your sock puppet accounts?

You were one of the only ones who took an interest in this question?

Sorry dude, no. Life’s too short and kindness so easy really.


by gone on January 27th, 2008

Wow – look at this bogus account.

Ask ONE question – and boom – they are gone.

This is what I mean about trolls and sock puppet accounts.

Perryman: Perhaps they are not as patient with the abuse you tend to dish out as I am.

This is another prime example of you not answering the question but just stirring the pot

US keeping nuclear warheads in case of killer asteroids


US keeping nuclear warheads in case of ??? killer asteroids

A Malmstrom Air Force Base missile maintenance team removes the upper section of an ICBM at a Montana missile site. (AP Photo/US Air Force, John Parie)

But that runs the risk of having radioactive debris hit Earth, and a Purdue University professor tells the Journal that there are probably better ways to ward off asteroids, including a “gravity tractor” that could change their course.. (The asteroid that hit the planet 66 million years ago wiped out the dinosaurs because of very bad timing, researchers say.)

More From Newser

Somebody’s been watching Armageddon: American nuclear authorities say they have delayed getting rid of old warhead components because they could help protect the world from killer asteroids.

Authorities say the warheads are being kept “pending a senior-level government evaluation of their use in planetary defense against earthbound asteroids,” reports the Wall Street Journal, which found the information “tucked away” on the 67th page of a Government Accountability Office report on the National Nuclear Security Administration.

This article originally appeared on Newser: US Keeping Nukes in Case of …

Scientists believe it will be at least a century before any asteroids big enough to wreck the planet are close enough to worry about, but some researchers are worried about smaller asteroids and believe nuclear weapons could be an effective solution, the Atlantic reports.

Saying nukes are needed to defend the planet “may be an excuse for keeping the nuclear arsenal together,” he says

Next version of Android will let you log into apps with your fingerprint

Apple reportedly gobbled up all of the sensors Google wanted.

Google is expected to announce the feature at its annual Google I/O developer conference that will be held from May 28 to 29 in San Francisco.

iOS users with TouchID-equipped devices know all about the convenience of using a fingerprint instead of entering a password. There aren’t many Android devices that have fingerprint sensors right now — the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S6/S6 Edge and HTC One Max are a few that come to mind — but that will likely change soon.

Say goodbye to remembering long passwords.. Report: Next version of Android will let you log into apps with a fingerprint

See also: 10 ways to squeeze more battery life from your Android phone

A fingerprint sensor was originally planned for the Nexus 6, but Google scrapped the feature at the last minute when it couldn’t get a first-class supplier. Apple Pay has already proven to be a hit and Samsung Pay hopes to replicate the same success.

Fingerprint authentication will require a device with a fingerprint sensor, though. Not only is it faster, but it’s also more secure.

With fingerprint authentication baked right into the mobile operating system, users will be to “log in to all of the supported applications on their Android devices without entering a password,” the report states.

The next version of Android — tentatively called Android M — will reportedly include “native fingerprint authentication,” according to a report from BuzzFeed.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

In addition to replacing annoying passwords, fingerprints can be used for mobile payments – Quality of Nuclear Devices Questioned – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party

Such approval means they are ready to use.

In a warhead’s detonation, a conventional explosive packaged around the pit compresses the plutonium inward, creating enough pressure for an atomic chain reaction. He was on a panel that last year concluded the plutonium in warhead triggers is much sturdier than previously thought, with a life span of as much 100 years.

The government will not say how many W88 warheads it has. halted in 1992, and through a different process than the replacements. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


By H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Officials say the cost figures reflect the fact that new facilities and a new process for making the replacement triggers had to be developed. The scientist spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

A single trigger made at Rocky Flats cost less than $4 million. The bottom line _ the pits produced meet all functional quality requirements for use and are fully accepted by NNSA.”


Resting atop the Trident II missile, the W88 warhead is among the mainstays of the country’s submarine-based nuclear arsenal. She posed that question in a letter last Friday to Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman.

The new ones were made by using a mold to cast the grapefruit-size plutonium sphere. To scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, that was a milestone to celebrate. This process is viewed by metallurgists as producing a stronger product. – Quality of Nuclear Devices Questioned – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

The change in manufacturing process, from wrought to cast, has been a subject of debate and extensive analysis among those involved in nuclear weapons. The original triggers were made with the benefit of underground nuclear testing, which the U.S. That difference in cost was noted by Brian in the letter to the energy secretary.

Project on Government Oversight:

The government acknowledges differences between the old triggers and their replacements.

Raymond Jeanloz of the University of California at Berkeley, a longtime adviser to the government on nuclear weapons issues, said in an interview he is not surprised there have been some modification in the W88 warhead, but that does not mean it is less reliable.

Kevin Roark, a spokesman for the Los Alamos weapons program said the changes in specifications “have been fully explored, fully vetted and fully accepted by NNSA and engineering analysis (conducted) by us.”

Any variation or flaw in the pit could cause a warhead not to detonate properly or to detonate with less explosive power than expected.

But Los Alamos and agency officials bristle at suggestions that the new triggers might be less reliable or have flaws that could affect their performance.

“The manufacturing process for the W88 has been incredibly, thoroughly vetted,” said Jeanloz. All rights reserved. The original triggers, all made at the now-closed Rocky Flats facility in Colorado, were hammered into precise form. A watchdog group now is raising questions about whether the replacement triggers, also known as pits, can be guaranteed to be as reliable as those already in some 400 W88 warheads. These means included small-scale plutonium tests, technical data from past underground tests, and computer codes and models.

In an e-mail response to the watchdog group’s claims, Bernard Pleau, a spokesman for the agency’s office at Los Alamos, said the changes do not “compromise the integrity of the parts. That, in turn, creates the high temperatures and pressure to ignite a “secondary” nuclear component. Scientists at Los Alamos and at the government’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California concluded the change did not degrade the reliability of the triggers, according to NNSA.

At least one other replacement pit required 71 specification waivers, a Los Alamos scientist indirectly involved in the production process told The Associated Press. no longer conducts underground nuclear tests, the Los Alamos scientists had to rely on other sources to replicate the original triggers and guarantee that the replacements would be as reliable as the old. It meant the warheads, after testing that makes the original trigger unsuitable for reuse, could be reassembled with a new trigger and put back into service.

Since last summer’s announcement, the Los Alamos lab has made 10 additional W88 triggers. For years, however, testing the warhead’s components to ensure the weapon produces the intended blast instead of a fizzle has been complicated by a lack of replacement plutonium triggers.

Last summer, the first replacement plutonium trigger in 18 years received “diamond stamp” approval signaling it was ready for use in a warhead. That required extensive computer modeling and testing to assure precise shape, size and weight and that the triggers meet performance requirements.

Because the U.S. The number has been estimated at about 400, in addition to an estimated 3,200 W76 warheads that also are designed for the submarine-based Trident II missile.

Precise manufacture of the trigger is essential.

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. The last of the original triggers were manufactured in the late 1980s.

The agency acknowledged there were “more than 70 engineering authorizations” _ as it characterizes the waivers _ approved in the new W88 pit certification and that this was a “relative high number.”

Los Alamos National Laboratory:

On the Net:

The Project on Government Oversight says it was told by some Los Alamos scientists that the trigger certified last July and known as the W88 pit needed 72 waivers from the specifications used for the original triggers, including 53 engineering-related changes.

“With this large number of waivers, how is it possible to objectively tell whether the pit will even work?” said Danielle Brian, executive director of the group that monitors nuclear weapons-related activities. At Los Alamos, it has cost an estimated $430 million over 10 years to certify the first trigger. So far, nine have earned the “diamond stamp” from the National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the lab’s programs. The result is a a massive hydrogen blast.

National Nuclear Security Administration: – Vietnamese journalist sentenced to 2 years in jail – International News | News of the World | Middle East News

“It was hard to avoid mistakes at a time when all newspapers competed to report on a case that attracted huge attention from the public.”

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. Pham Xuan Quac and investigator Dinh Van Huynh were charged with “deliberately revealing state secrets,” for giving information to the journalists. – Vietnamese journalist sentenced to 2 years in jail – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

“All of my information came from police officials investigating the case,” Chien told the court before judges delivered their verdict. His relatives cried outside the court house.

Presiding Judge Tran Van Vy said before announcing the verdict that Chien had used fabricated information in his reports and that he “damaged the prestige of some high-ranking officials and caused negative public opinion.”

Hai burst into tears and hugged his wife in the court room after he was released.

Also standing trial, police Maj. Gen. Charges against the deputy minister were suddenly dropped in March, and the journalists were arrested six weeks later.

Hai pleaded guilty and was given a lesser sentence for his “active cooperation with investigators and remorse,” Vy said.

Quac, 62, who has retired, was given a warning, while Huynh was sentenced to one year in prison.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fellow reporter Nguyen Van Hai, 33, was sentenced on the charges to two years of “re-education without detention,” under which his employers or local government officials will supervise education intended to make him a better citizen.

The newspaper reporters were arrested in May for writing about a 2005 scandal in which Transportation Ministry officials were accused of gambling with allegedly embezzled funds.

Chien maintained he was not guilty because he believed the information he used was genuine.

HANOI, Vietnam – 

A Vietnamese court sentenced a journalist to two years in prison on Wednesday, accusing him of writing inaccurate stories about one of the country’s most high-profile corruption cases.

Nguyen Viet Chien, 56, was convicted of “abusing freedom and democracy” at the end of a two-day trial at the Hanoi People’s Court.

Chien and Hai were accused of publishing false information, including that an executive bribed officials with US$500,000 in an attempt to cover-up the scandal.

Chien displayed no emotion when his sentencing was announced. All rights reserved. The case prompted the transportation minister to resign and led to the arrest of a deputy minister. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Column: FIFA presidency no laughing matter as would-be candidate becomes frontman for gambling

In the UK, which liberalized gambling advertising in 2007, adults’ exposure to gambling commercials on television soared five-fold in eight years to 2012, regulator Ofcom found. What ever happened to sport for sport’s sake, for the buzz of competition, not a bet? How quaint. After Thursday’s passing of the entry deadline, “Team Ginola” should fade away.

. But the mere thought of the gambling industry even attempting to place a stooge at the very top of football makes the prospect of another Blatter term seem perhaps not quite so bad.

Whoa. Bet again. There’s nothing funny about the gambling industry’s latest wheeze to sink its teeth even deeper into football and its fans.

“It’s an absolute disgrace,” he said in a phone interview. But I mean you’re talking about one of the biggest, powerfulest jobs in football and all you’re getting to hear about is Paddy Power.”

Ginola has zero chance of unseating Sepp Blatter. Hull against Aston Villa on Feb. FIFA’s election and ethics rules will almost certainly keep him off the May ballot. That is the message that football, more than most other sports, is mainlining into our homes, helped by names like Ginola and teams lending their cachet, stadiums, jerseys and players to the industry that had cash to splash when the 2008 financial crisis hobbled other sponsors.

“I’m here today to talk about love” were the Frenchman’s seductive opening words at his campaign launch in London this month.

All this in a sport grappling with the increasing danger of gambling-related match-fixing and with ample examples of gambling-addicted players who frittered away their wealth.


Bet. So silky as a player for Newcastle and Tottenham; so ridiculous now with his car-crash campaign for the FIFA presidency.

Sports and gambling have, of course, long gone together, feeding off each other’s success and growth. In pocketing 250,000 pounds (335,000 euros; US$375,000) from bookmaker Paddy Power for this stunt, Ginola became the latest Trojan horse in the gambling and gaming industry’s creeping and creepy embrace of football.

We’re talking here about David Ginola. Write to him at or follow him at

But gambling advertising wasn’t as in-your-face as now. Villa’s shirt sponsor is dafabet, a name that works better in Chinese, where “dafa” means “big wealth.” Stoke and Burnley players are billboards for Bet365 and Fun88 (another name that plays on the Chinese word to get rich).

And how about this blurb from Sky Bet, title sponsor since 2013 of England’s three divisions below the Premier League. It won’t happen; FIFA’s ethics rules should see to that. The increase was three-fold for children aged 4-15.

PARIS –  Don’t laugh. This was about making a splash. That was before online bookmakers offered odds on anything and everything, from match results and goals scored to which team will win the coin toss or take the first corner, and before their relentless advertising.

“It’s eyeballs we’re after,” 12Bet executive Rory Anderson, quoted in the Daily Mail, said when the online bookmaker became the name on Hull City’s shirt for this Premier League season.

John Leicester is an international sports columnist for The Associated Press. Tuning in for results of football betting pools, which offered big jackpots for small stakes, was a Saturday afternoon ritual for many 20th Century English families.

Sport “matters more when there’s money on it,” it says. Bet some more.

But that’s not the point here. “It’s great for Paddy Power. “There’s more passion, more pleasure and more pain.”

Twaddle takes a very dim view of Ginola’s Paddy Power-backed grab for FIFA.

But the targets were our wallets and spending habits, not our hearts. 10 will pit two Asian online bookmakers against each other. It reads like a plug for Fifty Shades of Grey.

And that isn’t funny at all.

Imagine, for a moment, a Paddy Power-financed FIFA president. That much was clear from the Paddy Power branding.

“It just makes like a mockery of football.”

One of those is Kevin Twaddle, a former player for Motherwell and other Scottish clubs who told his story in the biography, “Life On The Line: How to Lose a Million and So Much More.” He no longer gambles and has delivered talks to other players about the risks.

Asking your kids to make tea during half-time breaks won’t shield them from the bombardment, not with gambling ads flashing throughout matches on pitch-side light-boards

Vietnamese side plan to reform after match-fixing scandal | Reuters

(Writing by Patrick Johnston in Singapore; Editing by Peter Rutherford)

Vietnamese police said they tracked tens of millions of dollars in online betting daily during last year’s World Cup in Brazil.

REUTERS – Disgraced Vietnamese football club Vissai Ninh Binh FC, who folded last year after nine players were banned for match-fixing, have revealed plans to reform.

“We have discussed the matter and decided to come back.”

Ninh Binh officials have petitioned the government and Vietnam Football Federation to allow them to resume next year with a revamped squad of young players, the club said in a statement on Sunday..

In August, a Vietnam court jailed their former international Tran Manh for 30 months and dished out suspended sentences to eight other players found guilty of colluding with a bookmaker to throw a second tier regional AFC Cup game in March 2014 in return for a $40,000 bribe.

“Our boss Hoang Manh Truong still loves football very much and really regrets what happened after what he’d done to build up the team for many years,” Ninh Bing director Pham Van Le was quoted as saying by VietNamNet Bridge on Monday.

That led to Ninh Binh withdrawing from the V.League amid fears domestic matches could have been rigged but they were surprisingly allowed to continue in the AFC Cup, eventually getting knocked out in the quarter-finals.

The scandal was one of many in recent years in a country notorious for illicit gambling and with one of the world’s worst track records for match-fixing with players easy targets for betting syndicates

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The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think | Johann Hari

This massive war — which, as I saw, kills people from the malls of Mexico to the streets of Liverpool — is based on the claim that we need to physically eradicate a whole array of chemicals because they hijack people’s brains and cause addiction. Imagine if you and I and the next twenty people to pass us on the street take a really potent drug for twenty days. Duh.” It’s not difficult to grasp. None of them died. If the chemicals drive 17.7 percent of addiction, as this shows, that’s still millions of lives ruined globally.

This isn’t theoretical. We can all explain it. Very few had rehab. They would be freed. But the more scientists I interviewed, and the more I looked at their studies, the more I discovered things that don’t seem to make sense — unless you take account of this new approach.

In Rat Park, all the rats obviously tried both water bottles, because they didn’t know what was in them. And when those prisoners get out, they will be unemployable because of their criminal record — guaranteeing they with be cut off even more. Time magazine reported using heroin was “as common as chewing gum” among U.S. It’s not you. And use it. From a Jewish doctor who was smuggled out of the Budapest ghetto as a baby, only to unlock the secrets of addiction as a grown man.

There is an alternative. It doesn’t just force us to change our minds. It’s called cocaine.

The advert explains: “Only one drug is so addictive, nine out of ten laboratory rats will use it. It seems manifestly true. Until I set off three and a half years ago on a 30,000-mile journey for my new book, Chasing The Scream: The First And Last Days of the War on Drugs, to figure out what is really driving the drug war, I believed it too. He let them use for fifty-seven days — if anything can hook you, it’s that. So they decided to do something radically different. In fact, he argues, addiction is an adaptation. The wisest sentence of the twentieth century was E.M. soldiers had become addicted to heroin there, according to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. (The full references to all the studies I am discussing are in the book.)

If we truly absorb this new story, we will have to change a lot more than the drug war. You can build a system that is designed to help drug addicts to reconnect with the world — and so leave behind their addictions. They shifted from a terrifying cage back to a pleasant one, so didn’t want the drug any more.

Everyone agrees cigarette smoking is one of the most addictive processes around. There are strong chemical hooks in these drugs, so if we stopped on day twenty-one, our bodies would need the chemical. One of my earliest memories as a kid is trying to wake up one of my relatives, and not being able to. It’s the logic of the drug war, imported into our private lives. But if drugs aren’t the driver of addiction — if, in fact, it is disconnection that drives addiction — then this makes no sense. The book has been praised by everyone from Elton John to Glenn Greenwald to Naomi Klein. The other is water laced with heroin or cocaine. Ever since then, I have been turning over the essential mystery of addiction in my mind — what causes some people to become fixated on a drug or a behavior until they can’t stop? How do we help those people to come back to us? As I got older, another of my close relatives developed a cocaine addiction, and I fell into a relationship with a heroin addict. We will have to change ourselves.

At first, I thought this was merely a quirk of rats, until I discovered that there was — at the same time as the Rat Park experiment — a helpful human equivalent taking place. The drug is the same, but the environment is different. The writer George Monbiot has called this “the age of loneliness.” We have created human societies where it is easier for people to become cut off from all human connections than ever before. We would be addicted. For a century now, we have been singing war songs about addicts. Are these scientists saying chemical hooks make no difference? It was explained to me — you can become addicted to gambling, and nobody thinks you inject a pack of cards into your veins. The street-addict is like the rats in the first cage, isolated, alone, with only one source of solace to turn to.

But in fact some 95 percent of the addicted soldiers — according to the same study — simply stopped. We would have a ferocious craving. The experiment is simple.

Johann Hari will be talking about his book at 7pm at Politics and Prose in Washington DC on the 29th of January, at lunchtime at the 92nd Street Y in New York City on the 30th January, and in the evening at Red Emma’s in Baltimore on the 4th February.

I had a quite personal reason to set out for these answers. It is happening. The rats seemed to have a few twitches of withdrawal, but they soon stopped their heavy use, and went back to having a normal life. But if you believe Bruce Alexander’s theory, the picture falls into place. So if the old theory of addiction is right — it’s the drugs that cause it; they make your body need them — then it’s obvious what should happen. So when nicotine patches were developed in the early 1990s, there was a huge surge of optimism — cigarette smokers could get all of their chemical hooks, without the other filthy (and deadly) effects of cigarette smoking. He says we should stop talking about ‘addiction’ altogether, and instead call it ‘bonding.’ A heroin addict has bonded with heroin because she couldn’t bond as fully with anything else. It’s how we get our satisfaction.

Here’s one example of an experiment that is happening all around you, and may well happen to you one day. It has nothing to do but take the drugs. And use it.

The full story of Johann Hari’s journey — told through the stories of the people he met — can be read in Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs, published by Bloomsbury. You can have all the addiction, and none of the chemical hooks. It forces us to change our hearts. It’s your cage.

Ironically, the war on drugs actually increases all those larger drivers of addiction. When I looked at the addicts I love, it was always tempting to follow the tough love advice doled out by reality shows like Intervention — tell the addict to shape up, or cut them off. It is relevant to all of us, because it forces us to think differently about ourselves. One is just water. I watched this playing out in the human stories I met across the world.

So the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. We need to connect and love. I have seen it. soldiers, and there is solid evidence to back this up: some 20 percent of U.S. From a transsexual crack dealer in Brooklyn who was conceived when his mother, a crack-addict, was raped by his father, an NYPD officer. If we can’t connect with each other, we will connect with anything we can find — the whirr of a roulette wheel or the prick of a syringe. Suddenly, they were a group, all bonded to each other, and to the society, and responsible for each other’s care. I watched as they are helped, in warm and welcoming clinics, to learn how to reconnect with their feelings, after years of trauma and stunning them into silence with drugs. The chemical hooks in tobacco come from a drug inside it called nicotine. In the hospital around you, there will be plenty of people also given heroin for long periods, for pain relief. I guess addiction felt like home to me.

Professor Alexander argues this discovery is a profound challenge both to the right-wing view that addiction is a moral failing caused by too much hedonistic partying, and the liberal view that addiction is a disease taking place in a chemically hijacked brain. But what I learned on the road is that almost everything we have been told about addiction is wrong — and there is a very different story waiting for us, if only we are ready to hear it.

But here’s the strange thing: It virtually never happens. Then he took them out of isolation, and placed them in Rat Park. How can this be? This new theory is such a radical assault on what we have been told that it felt like it could not be true. The most crucial step is to get them secure housing, and subsidized jobs so they have a purpose in life, and something to get out of bed for. I thought I had seen it in my own life. Bruce Alexander — the creator of Rat Park — told me that for too long, we have talked exclusively about individual recovery from addiction. He offered all the dire warnings that we would expect from the Daily Mail or Fox News. She is going home to a life where she is surrounded by the people she loves.

The rats with good lives didn’t like the drugged water. Human beings are bonding animals. I’ll repeat that: injecting drug use is down by 50 percent.

It is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned — and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction by our teachers and by our governments. It is as close to a human recreation of the cages that guaranteed deadly addiction in rats as I can imagine. And it can do the same thing to you.”

When I learned all this, I found it slowly persuading me, but I still couldn’t shake off a nagging doubt. As the Canadian doctor Gabor Mate was the first to explain to me, medical users just stop, despite months of use. It was called the Vietnam War. He wanted to know, if you fall into that state of addiction, is your brain hijacked, so you can’t recover? Do the drugs take you over? What happened is — again — striking. We need now to talk about social recovery — how we all recover, together, from the sickness of isolation that is sinking on us like a thick fog.

But still, surely, I asked, there is some role for the chemicals? It turns out there is an experiment which gives us the answer to this in quite precise terms, which I learned about in Richard DeGrandpre’s book The Cult of Pharmacology. The same drug, used for the same length of time, turns street-users into desperate addicts and leaves medical patients unaffected. I went to a Gamblers’ Anonymous meeting in Las Vegas (with the permission of everyone present, who knew I was there to observe) and they were as plainly addicted as the cocaine and heroin addicts I have known in my life.

After the first phase of Rat Park, Professor Alexander then took this test further. While all the rats who were alone and unhappy became heavy users, none of the rats who had a happy environment did.

This isn’t only relevant to the addicts I love. Until dead. What, Alexander wanted to know, will happen then?

The results of all this are now in.

The full references and sources for all the information cited in this article can be found in the book’s extensive end-notes.

I learned it from an extraordinary mixture of people I met on my travels. But in fact, I learned, that will only deepen their addiction — and you may lose them altogether. The medical patient is like the rats in the second cage. The rise of addiction is a symptom of a deeper sickness in the way we live — constantly directing our gaze towards the next shiny object we should buy, rather than the human beings all around us.. Almost every time you run this experiment, the rat will become obsessed with the drugged water, and keep coming back for more and more, until it kills itself. That’s not nothing. Put a rat in a cage, alone, with two water bottles. But what happened next was startling. This story is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we take it for granted. You can buy it at all good bookstores and read more at

But the Office of the Surgeon General has found that just 17.7 percent of cigarette smokers are able to stop using nicotine patches. The rat is put in the cage all alone. He reran the early experiments, where the rats were left alone, and became compulsive users of the drug. I came home determined to tie the addicts in my life closer to me than ever — to let them know I love them unconditionally, whether they stop, or whether they can’t. Forster’s — “only connect.” But we have created an environment and a culture that cut us off from connection, or offer only the parody of it offered by the Internet. But what it reveals again is that the story we have been taught about The Cause of Addiction lying with chemical hooks is, in fact, real, but only a minor part of a much bigger picture.

One example I learned about was a group of addicts who were given a loan to set up a removals firm. The heroin you will get from the doctor will have a much higher purity and potency than the heroin being used by street-addicts, who have to buy from criminals who adulterate it.

But in the 1970s, a professor of Psychology in Vancouver called Bruce Alexander noticed something odd about this experiment.

If you would like more updates on the book and this issue, you can like the Facebook page:

This has huge implications for the one-hundred-year-old war on drugs. What would happen, he wondered, if we tried this differently? So Professor Alexander built Rat Park. Nearly fifteen years ago, Portugal had one of the worst drug problems in Europe, with 1 percent of the population addicted to heroin. The good cage saved them. Professor Peter Cohen argues that human beings have a deep need to bond and form connections. They had tried a drug war, and the problem just kept getting worse. They resolved to decriminalize all drugs, and transfer all the money they used to spend on arresting and jailing drug addicts, and spend it instead on reconnecting them — to their own feelings, and to the wider society. It seems obvious. It is a lush cage where the rats would have colored balls and the best rat-food and tunnels to scamper down and plenty of friends: everything a rat about town could want. Many people were understandably terrified; they believed a huge number of addicts were about to head home when the war ended. Loads of people should leave the hospital and try to score smack on the streets to meet their habit.

When I first learned about this, I was puzzled. That’s what addiction means.

But this new evidence isn’t just a challenge to us politically. If you get run over today and you break your hip, you will probably be given diamorphine, the medical name for heroin. From the surviving friends of Billie Holiday, who helped me to learn how the founder of the war on drugs stalked and helped to kill her. Their message is that an addict who won’t stop should be shunned. It occurred to me as I wiped his brow, we should have been singing love songs to them all along. Decriminalization has been such a manifest success that very few people in Portugal want to go back to the old system. From a man who was kept at the bottom of a well for two years by a torturing dictatorship, only to emerge to be elected President of Uruguay and to begin the last days of the war on drugs.

Loving an addict is really hard. You may remember it.

When I returned from my long journey, I looked at my ex-boyfriend, in withdrawal, trembling on my spare bed, and I thought about him differently. The main campaigner against the decriminalization back in 2000 was Joao Figueira, the country’s top drug cop.

If you had asked me what causes drug addiction at the start, I would have looked at you as if you were an idiot, and said: “Drugs.

One of the ways this theory was first established is through rat experiments — ones that were injected into the American psyche in the 1980s, in a famous advert by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. An independent study by the British Journal of Criminology found that since total decriminalization, addiction has fallen, and injecting drug use is down by 50 percent. It is human connection. Yet there are no chemical hooks on a craps table.

If you still believe — as I used to — that addiction is caused by chemical hooks, this makes no sense. They mostly shunned it, consuming less than a quarter of the drugs the isolated rats used. But when we sat together in Lisbon, he told me that everything he predicted had not come to pass — and he now hopes the whole world will follow Portugal’s example.

This gives us an insight that goes much deeper than the need to understand addicts. For example, I went to a prison in Arizona — ‘Tent City’ — where inmates are detained in tiny stone isolation cages (‘The Hole’) for weeks and weeks on end to punish them for drug use

Beckham bashers have got it wrong

The loan deal never materialised but Beckham, clearly feeling he was getting close to full fitness in London, asked and received permission to have two more weeks training in London before teaming up with the Galaxy, two week into their pre-season campaign.. Some Galaxy fans, understandably wondered why their player was even on the field for another club. Rookie pundit Twellman’s populist tirade about Beckham “buying shepherds pie” for Tottenham players instead of training with the Galaxy (it was actually ‘pie and mash’ to be culinarily correct), ignored the fact that Beckham could have spent the off-season swanning around Hollywood or sitting on the beach somewhere. The former Real Madrid title winner was offended that Donovan had questioned his professionalism and the rift between the two took some work and time to heal. With no training or games on the calendar, Beckham went back to his hometown of London to work out with Tottenham Hotspur and get himself back in shape and he hoped get some games in the Premier League.

The motivation for Beckham returning to Italy was largely due to Fabio Capello’s ill-informed judgment that MLS games were not good enough preparation for a World Cup – a view that Donovan’s excellent displays in South Africa later proved to be nonsense. Indeed, the Californian’s time on Merseyside was accompanied by promotional campaigns on U.S television urging MLS fans to tune into their English programming. There are many things that Beckham can be mocked for – his interest in fashion is not to everyone’s taste, his regular hairstyle changes irritate some, the celebrity obsessed have issues with his wife Victoria and, if we are sticking to football business, it is fair to question whether he should have been playing for Milan and chasing further England caps, after making the decision to move his career to MLS.

It was hardly a vintage performance from the former Manchester United and England midfielder but he grafted for 90 minutes and then a further 30 minutes of extra-time in an ultimately failed attempt to win the MLS Cup for his team. Invited by this reporter to pass comment on playing a championship game on a plastic pitch with a damaged ankle, Beckham showed his usual diplomacy by evading the temptation to criticise a playing surface which is designed for American football and not the global game.

There are some nicely tanned faces in MLS this March – Beckham didn’t get one in Chigwell.

It was a remarkable opening to the new season last week when ESPN pundits Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman, let rip on air, questioning Beckham’s decisions and joining in with the tone of some bloggers and message board commenters who have attacked the Englishman. That’s helped our team a lot,” said Donovan.

Throughout January and the first of half of February, Beckham was out on the training field in Essex while almost all MLS players were on time off. It was noticeable though that while there was strong criticism of Beckham’s loan to Serie A, there was a very different approach to Donovan taking a similar, albeit shorter, sabbatical with Everton in England’ Premier League. In Grant Wahl’s behind-the-scenes book, “The Beckham Experiment” he was criticised for not picking up the check for the entire team’s dinner and a series of other offences in a fascinating account which, as one former MLS player put it to me, could have been subtitled “Why Landon Donovan Doesn’t Like Being Overshadowed by David Beckham”. Then, limping off the field, he walked into the Salt Lake locker-room to congratulate hiss opponents on their title before heading into his own changing room where he complied with American standards and stood to take questions from the waiting media. “My hat’s off to him. Nonetheless, the midfielder put the minutes in on the field and although L.A failed to reach MLS Cup, Beckham’s efforts and his professionalism were again praised after the Conference final defeat to Dallas, when Beckham played through a groin injury.

Television coverage of MLS’s opening game began with an attack on David Beckham from two television pundits and critics have continued to question whether the Englishman cares about the league or his club, LA Galaxy, Simon Evans says the Beckham bashing is off target.

“If we have all of our players with his kind of character and commitment, we would continue to do well,” said Galaxy coach Bruce Arena.

Beckham returned from injury in time for the Galaxy’s play-off push last season but it was clear to anyone watching that he was still short of full fitness. But the critics had a point — Beckham’s intentions certainly had nothing to do with the Galaxy and everything to do with his personal ambitions.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp conceded that Beckham was in no condition to instantly walk into the Premier League team but was willing to open the door to the midfielder playing a few games before returning to the Galaxy and it was also clear that the player would have loved to get a loan deal. On that rainy, cold day in Seattle, Beckham took a series of pain-killing injections, wrapped up his injured ankle in bandage and went out to face Real Salt Lake on the unforgiving artificial turf at Qwest Field.


That MLS Cup game had come at the end of a year in which Beckham had to deal with the fallout from a book which discussed the difficulties he and L.A Galaxy had in developing a working relationship. He played through a lot of pain those last few weeks, more than you guys know, but he’s a competitor and he wants to keep going,” said Donovan.

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By Simon Evans in Miami

Beckham badly needed to get back in shape and form for the new MLS season, the final of his five years with Galaxy, but the North American league is unusual in having a long off-season, from mid-November to mid-March, right when almost all of the soccer world is in intense mid-season. Henry did however report back to train on day one of the Red Bulls pre-season prep and it is that fortnight absence that has prompted the fury from MLS pundits.

The fact that he spent his time, battling to get fit and has come back to MLS and put in two hard-working displays in the league, shows exactly why the Beckham bashers have got it wrong. Little criticism has been heard of Donovan’s subsequent frequent statements of affection for Everton and their fans which hint at a desire to return to Goodison Park.

But Beckham’s determination to get fit for this season, to give his all for his team and to make sure MLS’s “Beckham Experiment” is considered a success, is surely beyond question. The fact is, there will be few players in the North American league who would have worked as hard as Beckham during the off-season.

The debate over David Beckham’s commitment to L.A Galaxy and Major League Soccer should have ended on November 22, 2009. “This guy has been hurt or sick for probably the last six or seven games but he gets on with it and he plays. Beckham’s camp insisted throughout the reports of negotiations over a possible loan that the player would, in any case, be back at the Galaxy in time for the new MLS season. I say, almost all, because Thierry Henry, another expensive MLS import who had struggled for fitness last season, was also in London training with a Premier League club, but you will have (rightly) heard little criticism of Henry’s time back with Arsenal. A 35-year-old multi-millionaire who has won domestic and European honours with his clubs and made 115 appearances for England, Beckham could have taken it easy and come back to stroll through the final year of his contract, curling a few free-kicks in, signing autographs and appearing on television shows.

The question marks over whether Beckham was truly giving his all for the Galaxy and the MLS came back again a few months later though, when, desperate to get a place in the World Cup with England, Beckham went on loan to AC Milan and suffered a serious Achilles injury which wrecked any hopes of a trip to the World Cup and also ruled him out of most of the forthcoming MLS season. It was a fair question and one which could also have been put to the Galaxy’s ownership – they could after all have blocked any deal after all. But that night in Seattle, even American soccer’s favourite son was fulsome in his praise for his English team-mate